Business English with intercultural training in Leipzig, Germany

Who is away abroad a lot on business or works in international teams needs another specific soft skill aside from foreign language skills in order to work together successfully in a cross-cultural context: Competence in intercultural communication.
This soft skill forms an integral part of my English training as intercultural training/intercultural coaching (Business English course in Leipzig and nationwide) and trains you in preparation for a foreign assignment or in dealing with people from other cultures.

You can attend courses with topical focus on:

  • English for Presentations
  • English for Negotiations/Meetings
  • English for Marketing/Sales
  • English for Management Administration
  • English for Finance/Banking
  • English for Interviews/-Applications
  • Business Correspondence

Business English - but only with intercultural training! What belongs to this?

Intercultural competence is being conveyed through communication tasks and role plays in training for cross-culturally critical scenarios, which are very present in management situations and negotiations. These scenarios relate among others to;

  • culture-specific functions such as the role of criticism and complaint,
  • the use of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’,
  • the handing and use of compliments and praise,
  • staff management & understanding of authority,
  • Salutation & Greeting
  • Dealing with gifts etc.

Complementary to the intercultural training with country-specific references and corresponding practical tasks, I also convey country-specific, intercultural facts That creates a basic understanding for foreign communication partners so that the interaction functions between members of different cultures.

The apportionment of intercultural- and linguistic competence in a business English is left up to the participants of the course. The content of the course will be individually tailored to your industry as well as to the activities and tasks of your employees in the target country. Based on your employees’ concrete, everyday work situations you learn how to successfully communicate and terminate business deals, even if both sides do not belong to the same culture.

Are you headed to China, USA, Arabic countries? Refine and improve your business English and let yourself be trained interculturally!

It is particularly important for the successful usage of the English language among non-native speakers to integrate intercultural competencies through training in English courses. My training is particularly focused on having participants from other cultures not to be perceived as strangers but merely as different from one’s own culture. Stereotypes shall be removed so as to increase an acceptance for other cultures. Dealing with cultural awareness is an important cornerstone of my training in order to understand why intercultural conflicts arise.

The intercultural training conveys how you can deal with culture-related, critical situations. Whereas it is socially acceptable to clearly say ‘no’ or to express admiration in Germany, a rejection or a strong emotion is communicated indirectly in many Asian countries so that the business partner does not lose his face. This soft skill represents is an important addition to each business English course.

As a language consultant with many years of living experience abroad, I have an extensive network of intercultural trainers which I can use for training you or your staff for assignments abroad.

Training in Leipzig and vicinity

In addition to my nationwide service as trainer, I also operate training rooms locally in Leipzig’s BIC Centre on Karl-Heine-Str 99. This way companies from Leipzig and the surrounding area can have their management and employees be trained in business English and corresponding soft skills directly at my place.

Additionally I give courses for IELTS preparation Like all my other services, I offer preparations for the IELTS-Test, a worldwide recognized English test, locally as well as nationally.

Business English with intercultural coaching for companies nationwide.

In order to integrate intercultural training with the English training, I also like to visit your company on site-regardless where in Germany you are located. On site I sensitize your staff for interactions in respective target countries, e.g. England, France, China or Poland.

Just get in touch with me via phone, email or contact form to arrange an appointment or inquire about fees. Together we find a suitable appointment for your business English course and discuss the content, duration and frequency of the training as well as any technical requirements needed for it.