Business English course in Leipzig and nationwide: Business English with intercultural competence for the job and professional use

Intercultural communication training is offered with Business English in a country-specific context. Traditionally English courses have primarily focused on conveying British and US-American cultural standard to their course participants. Today a great number of international encounters, in which English is used, take place in the absence of native speakers of English.

Intercultural skills thus play a bigger role when communicating in English. My intercultural training is very much geared toward providing answers/insights on specific intercultural challenges persistently encountered by international businesspeople. Interculturally critical scenarios which typically arise from situations involving challenges in communication (gesturing, voice volume), business relationship building or negotiation styles are addressed by my training. My courses take these into account by incorporating intercultural communication skills into the training which give participants the necessary linguistic competence to deal with interculturally critical situations.

In my business English courses you learn, how to communicate freely and fluently in the business language English - whether in a meeting, in a telephone conversation, in the context of a presentation or when practicing small talk with business partners.

My business English courses set the following priorities:

  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • English for Marketing and Sales
  • English for Management
  • Finance English
  • Applications-/Job Interviews
  • Business correspondence (E-Mails etc.)

Regardless in what branch you are professionally active, you will learn to master dialogues in English based on concrete, typical job situations. As German-American and CELTA certified trainer for Business English I possess native-level competence in the English language and am well aware of the linguistic barriers and intercultural challenges which might arise for employees and executives in critical situations on an international scale.

My clients from Leipzig and from all over Germany want to study Business English in order to prepare themselves for their current job and to better meet international challenges in their job.

Within the context of individual training or small group training with 10 persons at maximum, they learn the appropriate communication strategies and wording in Business English required for negotiations, making offers, informal meetings and telephone conferences. Depending on their needs, this training is conveyed through role-plays and practically relevant exercises in Leipzig or all over Germany. This includes also grammar exercises, speaking, correct pronunciation, as well as on request intercultural soft skills for working with international teams.

Prerequisite to register for a language course: advanced beginner’s level (at least language level A2 according the common European framework), registration based on oral placement test.

Business English courses for adults: Courses, Prices & Dates

I offer Business English courses regionally and nationwide for clients, both in individual training as well as group training As Business English Trainer I also like to visit your company on site in order to train you and your staff at your locagtion.

Dates: Every appointment is agreed on individually and fixed weekly training dates are not required.

Duration: Every unit takes 45 minutes; a minimum number of units does not exist. You decide yourselves how many lessons you need.


  • Business English (individual training): By appointment
  • Business English with intercultural training (individual training): By appointment
  • Business English Group Training: By appointment

Business English Leipzig Learning in small groups or one-on-one

I teach Business English in Leipzig either at the client’s location or in my training facility on the Karl-Heine-Str. 99, 04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz. Business English courses are possible in small groups or as individual training.

Especially in individual training sessions they benefit from contents which are personally tailored to your branch and activity.

Business English courses also include intercultural competence training.

Proficient to fluent linguistic skills in Business English are only half the battle. Sustainable business relationships to international clients and business partners are being created through distinct intercultural competencies. Therefore my Business English courses are not just language courses but include intercultural competence training as well- the participants determine the level for each component.

Intercultural training is country- and culture-specifc oriented, depending on what country your business partners are from. Here you learn how you deal professionally with critical situations and which ‘rules’ predominate in interpersonal dealings. Intercultural training is being conveyed through communication exercises and role plays in interculturally critical scenarios.

A quick Business English crash courses for those in a hurry & preparation courses for Cambridge Exams

You quickly need to pick up Business English or promptly deepen your existing knowledge with an English course because of a pending business trip overseas or an important negotiation with international business partners. Then a Saturday training or an evening course is possible. These crash courses convey business English with intercultural competence in compressed form.

If interested in a demanding, intensive business English course, you may contact me any time.

That also applies to business people who need to prepare themselves for a Cambridge Exam for their professional development. Intensive courses for BEC- and IELTS exam preparation in accordance with the time requirements of the participants.