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Success in business often requires business people to conduct their transactions successfully on an international basis. A good command of English, especially Business English, is absolutely essential for that. In a globalized world where English is increasingly spoken among non-native speakers, intercultural skills in oral and written communication are becoming increasingly more important.


Improve your linguistic skills in Business English and your intercultural skills

With my Business English service spectrum I exactly cater to this increased demand for Business English Training which is becoming increasingly important in the professional world. My English training is primarily aimed at business people who have some prior knowledge and want to improve it for their  job.  Based on placement tests, tailor-made business English courses are offered which orient themselves in their thematic focus on the professional, communicative needs of the customers. By making use of modern learning media, grammar and vocabulary are being conveyed along with speaking skills required in meetings, negotiations, presentations and for ' small talk' with business partners. Other language skills such as ‘Writing’, ‘Reading’ and ‘Listening’ are also part of the training in order to prepare participants for work-related challenges in the English-speaking business world or for stays abroad. My customers are based in Leipzig as well as in other parts of Germany. 


In doing so, communicative strategies are conveyed with regards to critical situations which are culture-bound and country-specific (intercultural training).   Important intercultural aspects, which are based on professional situations with foreign business partners or customers, are conveyed and practiced through role-plays together with other native speakers in the training. 



Preparation courses for Business English Certificates

Employers frequently require evidence of good Business English skills from their job applicants.  With a certificate of a passed Cambridge Exam, you are well prepared in case your Business English is spontaneously put to the test in a job interview.  Such a certificate enhances your CV, especially with regards to applying for a job abroad.


In order to prepare for the language test, I also offer BEC- and IELTS- preparation courses.  These simulate the test situation and all areas of competence in foreign languages are practiced by incorporating modern educational media.

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Writing


We train together individually in as many meetings as needed to achieve the required level of Business English for you.  The assessment and the training are based on the competency levels as specified by the European reference framework. 


Business English Training and translation services at Language Consult.

The international business world today imposes high standards on the written communication in the English language.  For that I offer translation services for websites, brochures or CVs and résumés.  As Business English Trainer my focus is on German-English or English-German translations for business customers.  In addition I offer translations in other languages via a network of translators.  


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If my services with regards to Business English have stirred your interest or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. As to the location of the training: This can be a place of your choosing. Alternatively, we can use my training rooms in Leipzig.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Fred Weis